Data Cost Monitor for BigQuery

Easy and fast cost monitoring for your data warehouse

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BigQuery is an amazing database. It will handle everything you throw at it, no matter the sizeā€¦ or cost.

And things are easy to overlook: BI tool doing full table scans hourly, new hire querying SELECT * on huge dataset or ETL script stuck in a loop...

You should be able to discover these before you get smacked with huge bill at the end of the month.

Data Cost Monitor is an easiest solution on the market to get an understanding what's happening inside your BigQuery data warehouse. We provide lightning fast, intuitive dashboards with the most important cost and usage metrics. See for yourself and open an example dashboard.

With Data Cost Monitor you can explore cost and performance metrics such as cost per query, time to run queries, error messages and more. You do not need any technical knowledge to set this up. 99% of the work happens automagically and keeps your data up to date.

Data Cost Monitor is secure. We do not have access to your data by design. We only have access to metadata on your usage, without a way to peek inside tables (learn more here).

Thanks to Data Cost Monitor we've found an issue costing us $600 every month. The tool paid for itself within 1 day.

We're using it not only for cost monitoring, but to keep an eye on general performance of our queries, too.

Much nicer to use than exploring information schema directly.

Pricing is simple: 39 USD per month, no strings attached - cancel anytime.

You get:
- daily data refresh
- 180 days of history